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Green Cleaning

  • Krispy Clean is committed to keeping the environments in which our clients work and live as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. With that in mind, we offer green cleaning services for your office, reducing the environmental effects of our services, while increasing the cleanliness of your personal environment. Our eco-friendly products and green cleaning methods accomplish our environmental goals without sacrificing quality. For the environmentally conscious company, the green cleaning services offered by Busy Bee make us their top choice.
  • Green cleaning is not only about using green cleaners; it is a mindset. At Krispy clean we consider it our responsibility not only as a company but as citizens of New York City to not only maintain the good health of our clients, but to increase it by cleaning completely without leaving any chemicals capable of negatively affecting your employees’ health.
  • More businesses are jumping on the green cleaning bandwagon and taking the steps to be more eco-friendly. One way to go green is to commit to using green cleaning products whenever possible. We not only use green products, we use cleaning products in the right proportions to reduce the release of toxic substances into the environment. The products we do use, we buy in bulk rather than individual packages, thereby reducing waste.
  • How Green Cleaning Companies Can Affect Yours
    At Krispy Clean, we know that not all cleaning products are created equal. We also know that we cannot sacrifice performance in the name of green cleaning. New York City’s social consciousness has shifted toward the environment, and this increased demand for green products has increased their supply and quality. No longer do we have to choose between an effective product and a green one; now they are one in the same and we are happy to make them available to our clients.